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offer testing and test management solutions aimed at world leading mobile user equipment vendors, and network operators.
We help them execute fast-paced product development projects to reduce their time to market.

We also offer mobile broadband mapping solutions for communities and local authorities.

We capture real-world performance data to highlight both successful deployments and areas in need of improvement

Our credo

we’re built on the principle

of offering quality,

honest and dependable solutions.

Our company is built on the principle of offering a quality and dependable solutions. Our diversified service offering continues to grow through listening to our customers needs and continually refining our solutions. Our unique blend of industry-wide experience with both mobile device manufacturers and network operators has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients projects.

We have just launched

We have recently launched our new aerial test and measurement service, enabling our clients to access key performance indicators from otherwise inaccessible locations. This data is synchronized with its 3D location + time, enabling a broad range of presentation possibilities, via Google Earth™ or other geographic information systems


Full management of test campaigns including test strategy planning


Field testing all Radio Access Technologies, including leading bearer technologies such as 5G NR


We create custom front-end visualization tailored to customers requirements


Certification testing based on GCF and GSMA guidelines and Standardisation testing to 3GPP specifications


Comprehensive experience with air interface signalling and protocol stacks


We offer tailored, cost efficient solutions dependent on your requirements.

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